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About Us

Viraja Apang Uthan Sanstha is established on 5th Oct 2005. Sanstha includes blind, deaf and dumb Mentally challenged, physically Challenged. We aim to provide security stability & self respect to disabled. My self being physically challenged with great efforts I have completed my studies. I was also employed in a bank but as per my experience I was aware that for a differently abled life is hardship therefore to assist other differently abled facing problems and losing their confidence by undesirable experiences I have registered this organization. I have been successful to defeat my disability and I want other differently abled persons to do the same. We also work in remote areas. Our branch office is situated in Gondia. We manufacture Phenyl, Liquid Soap, Roti Maker etc.


Help the differently abled to lead Successful & Secured Life by.

1. Providing job opportunities, Training of Candle Making, Chalk, Soft Toys, Phenyl, Liquid Soap, Making Roti Covers etc.
2. To enhance their qualities, talents and introduce them in social gathering of able persons to encourage them.
3. Providing job opportunity in private concerns.
4. Make them aware of govt. schemes.
5. Provide legal Aid
6. Help them to arrange marriages.
7. Donating essential material.
Our objective is to provide employment opportunity to disabled.
To motivate them to lead a respectable life.
To facilitate them with various educational and vocational training.
To arrange educational sponsorship for the children from slum areas.
To support disabled, old aged persons, students from slum areas.
To arrange adoptions for orphan children.
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